and kids

and kids

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Try to follow this line of thoughts

Today, I finally planted some flowers. I love flowers, but hate playing the part of the gardener. My mom loves it, my sister loves it, both my grandmothers love it, but not me!

I needed something to 'cheer up' our home. We haven't finished painting, we haven't had the money to buy shutters, all my furniture from the front porch is broken and I hate yard work, so the house has looked a little 'unloved'.

Last year I had some impatients and I kept them alive all summer, so I got some of these today! I bought a multi-colored pack and I know my mother will be horrified, but I planted some reds, purples and pinks together. I also got a marigold because I love yellow. I'm still looking for some hearty yellow gerberia daisies for my 'special pot'.Planting flowers made me think of the fact that I never posted any of my Mother's Day gifts, other than the Spa that Capps' class did. I usually don't get anything for Mother's Day except what the kids make at school. *enough said about that* I'll have to share some of those later, but here is the card Tavis gave me (little twit).He thought it was hilarious! Ok, maybe I did smile! It is no secret. Too bad this is what Daegan and Tavis brought me for Mother's Day:I will try not to kill them! (the plants)

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  1. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with a brown thumb! I'm terrified I'm going to kill Chase's cabbage project for school, but so far so good (as far as still being alive, but not so big).


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