and kids

and kids

Friday, December 9, 2011

State Project - HAWAII

4th grade always does a huge State Project. They draw the state out of a hat. With about 65 students, they get some duplicates, but not many.

Tavis got Hawaii.

He has been working on a history project in class. He had to do a poster, which is what we were working on last weekend. He also had to do a salt map to represent mountains, rivers, etc. (that is when you wish you got Oklahoma). And he had to do a t-shirt.

We got the poster done last weekend, the salt map done Monday night and had the t-shirt to do. I bought iron on decals that you could print on and then you just iron them on the shirt, that is what we did for Mollee's and it worked beautifully. It was Thursday night before we got to it (right before I was leaving to go to a Christmas dinner, see next post) and guess what? I bought sew-on, not iron-on. So after my dinner I got to sit up half the night and sew on all his decals.

Then they had a State Fair in the gym where the entire elementary school and parents were invited to see all the states.2nd grade - Daegan and friends being supportive!Two state projects down, three to go!

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