and kids

and kids

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Into the Christmas Craziness!

(I need this in the history book)

Capps got invited to a Christmas party that Michaela was having. Those two have such a good time together. Capps told me Michaela laughs at her all the time in class. Michaela told me that Capps is very fun and silly!
When I dropped Capps off, his three brothers were also invited to stay and play with Christopher. (or, apparently, play with the DS?)
Mollee wasn't with me because after cutting out the cookies, she went home with Rachel. Apparently, she got to play Wii Dance with Dusty on his lunch break.

Busy, but fun, Day!

Jason wasn't at work because of all the rain the past few days, but he has been working on a project at home. I'll post about it with lots of before and after photos when it is completed!

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