and kids

and kids

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kinect produces fun pictures and many laughs!

This picture is worth a re-post. Between the opposite arm moves, the no pants on Daeg and Mac trying to kick the ball from the side, it was worth a re-look. Dad came down to try out our new toy. There might even be a video to view.
Dad really got into it and had his fair share of turns.When Mac plays it always has to be re-calibrated for shortness.
Spectators -
Check out the height Mollee gets on her jumps - it is like she has springs in her feet!
Capps trying to get in on the fun, Daegan with pants second time around.
So fun!

Uncle Daniel and Aunt Heather - thanks, and when can you come over for me to take your picture playing?

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  1. Love that your dad played! Your next purchase has to be kinect sports 2. John got it for Christmas and it is SO. MUCH. FUN. Crazy fun.


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