and kids

and kids

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Caines Christmas Chaos 2011

I don't think there is any way to describe the chaos that occurs at a Caines Christmas. We try to keep it organized and one gift at a time, but it always unravels quickly. This year we were even missing the Isaacs and the Harris', but we still had 15 adults and 16 kids. Both Great-Grandmothers were there!

Cousins exchanged gifts and Papa and Grandma gave gifts

Me (Ganch - nickname from Emma at age 2) and Emma

Granny handing out cards
with Sarah
After all the gifts had been handed out, Capps asked if he could go "where no one was". I found him on Papa's bed building his Hero Factory.
Afterwards, Uncle Philip letting the little guys play on the iPad
A few different games happened
Grandpa J took a lot of naps and snuck a lot of M&Ms
The kids watched a movie

And Jase and Papa worked on the crossword puzzle
And the kids snuck in a little more Kinect when we got home.

Whoa! A long, good day!


  1. that looks SO fun! Glad it was great :)

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