and kids

and kids

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cookie Day with the Kemps

Today was one of my favorite traditions that started about four years ago. Cookie day with the Kemps (beware of photo overload).

We always pick a day that we make a ton of cut-out cookies during the day with Rachel and then we decorate the cookies after dinner with Dusty and Rachel. So fun!

We even let Mollee roll out the last batch - of course, she was thrilled!
Dusty brought dinner and some pre-cookie iPhone entertainment!

Mac really got into it this year.....yep, there is a cookie under there!
The finished product (and I finally think I found a cookie recipe and a icing recipe I liked - and I wrote them down)
A few highlighted cookies:

"The Dusty" - where you hide the decorations under the icing. Thanks a lot Dusty!The only Gingerbread house we cut out? Who cares that it got Easter sprinkles?
The Jackson Pollock Cookie - again, thanks Dusty!
Daegan's colorful (we expect nothing less) snowman
Afterwards - group shot!
And I guess Rachel took a picture of the tree (thanks!)
Jason checking out his gifts under the tree.
And tomorrow is Christmas Adam (because Adam comes before Eve)! Right Dusty?

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