and kids

and kids

Friday, August 31, 2012


I feel like I waited long enough to go eat lunch with the kids.  They always encourage (especially for kindergarteners), to let them get acclimated to the routine before you come eat with your kids!

My paperwork seemed to be small today, so I headed to school on a last minute decision.  Of course, my phone rang off the hook and e-mails beeping like crazy while I was there. 

This is Mac and John (brother of Daegan's friend Luke).  Doesn't Mac look like he hates school.  :)
2nd grade can't pick a friend to eat with, but we lucked out because Capps' buddy, Aubrey, was eating with her Mom, so they ate with us!
 Daegan picked Isaiah (because we never see him) and Tavis came alone.
Then I returned calls and answered e-mails on my phone until Jr. High came to lunch.

But, I didn't embarrass Mollee and take a picture.  I will say that lunch with 250 pre-teens is really, really loud!

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