and kids

and kids

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve PJ's

I think the kids have finally figured out that when we get home from Pops and Mimi's on Christmas Eve, they get to open one gift from us, and it is always going to be PJs - something cute, that fits and has no holes in it for Christmas Morning.
 It was an Angry Birds Christmas for sure!

 And the big boys got robes too, which caused a little sadness for Mac...
 Group Shot!
 Daddy got some Oscar the Grouch fat pants and a Dr. Pepper t-shirt.

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  1. cute! i was torn about whether to give my PJs on christmas morning or christmas eve. i'm kind of glad i waited because aaron's are way too big. i got 4T thinking he'd grow into them soon enough, but they are huge! going to have to sew a tack in the waist.


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