and kids

and kids

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Caines Christmas Chaos - 2012

(only way to describe it)
We met at Mom and Dad's around 3:00.  Papa read the Christmas Story, everyone crowded into the living room.

 Drinking coffee, taking pictures, laughing and listening
These are pics of the kids getting gifts from one cousin.  I love how the crowd hovers to the one opening (we do one gift at a time!).  Mac getting Batman and Aqua Man from Townes. 
 Tavis getting a UT football from Miles.
 Louisa giving Mollee an iTunes gift card.
 Capps and Daegan getting Air Soft guns from Harris cousins.
 Papa and Tavis (still working on learning lighting with my camera)
 Just enjoying the chaos!
 Daegan ready for battle
 Emma and Lou
Then Grandma and Papa passed out one gift for each grandkid.
 Mollee got a bracelet making kit.
 Daegan got Battleship.
 Capps got handheld Tetris and a puzzle game.
 Tavis got drawing supplies.
After presents, we had three pots of soup (brocolli cheese, chicken vegetable and chili), lots of bread and crackers, veggie trays and cookies, pies and fudge.  YUM!
Sometimes I annoy everyone by insisting on some group photo, but I never regret it.  Tonight I wanted 'the brothers'.  
Except it is missing Gary.  :( 

We had a wonderful, as-relaxed-as-can-be-with-33-people evening of gifts, play and food.  The Isaacs were well missed!!!

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  1. keep annoying people, you'll always be glad of those group shots!


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