and kids

and kids

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Aftermath

It has been three wondeful days.  Full of celebration, presents, too much food and chaos.  Now the house is a mess and the kids are distracted by all the new things.
Lego building!
 New Xbox games - Skylander
Capps drinking strawberry milk from new cup, with new hat on, new PJs and a new robe, watching brothers play new game.

 Lots of new movies!
 And Just Dance 4 competition on the Kinect.  So FUN!!!

 Daegan played one round, but didn't move much.
 Tavis was into it - and so was Daddy!
I played also and was glad there was no one holding the camera then - except the actual game that plays back a highlight video of your turn.  I must say - my legs were burning afterwards.

More movie watching - this time upstairs while Daddy played some Xbox.
 Mac tackling the Tackle Buddy that Tavis got.
 Spiral Draw - I loved this as a kid and I'm so glad Capps likes it too!
Now we blog and soon we rest.

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