and kids

and kids

Monday, December 24, 2012

Brown Christmas 2012

Pops and Mimi's Tree (with spinning ornaments)

 Despite the finger injury, Mollee went at noon to help Mimi cook.  Here she is measuring sugar for Mima's famous chocolate pie.

 When we got there, Pops and Daegan played a round of Battleship.
 Uncle Daniel and Aunt Heather showed up at 4:00, we ate a wonderful meal and on to the gifts!

 Annual picture with D&H
 Mollee and Aunt Heather
 Mimi and Pops open games from us - Rumikub and Triominoes.

 Uncle Daniel and Aunt Heather's new shirts!
 Yeah for baby clothes!!!
 More kid gifts!

 Daegan has to read the manual before he starts with his gift.
 Proof we were there.
 Mimi and Capps
 Mac sets up his Angry Bird Star Wars toys
 Daegan with his glow-in-the-dark Legos
 The Browns!!!!

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  1. particularly love that "Mac with angry birds" pic!


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