and kids

and kids

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Not much has changed..

My last entry (other than the DPP) expressed a sense of cabin fever.  And so that continues. 

Tavis missed seven days of school total with his virus, meaning he was sick for ten days.  He ended up with a nasty 'virus rash' and then an ear infection and walking pneumonia.  He was looking forward to a field trip to the Singing Christmas Tree, which he ended up missing.  He headed back to school on Wednesday, but has been extremely exhausted since then, falling asleep each night before 7:00. 

The day before Tavis went back to school, Mollee started running a fever and I had to pick her up from school before lunch time.  She was supposed to have her first Band Concert that night, which she missed.  Then, she and I were supposed to go to the Ladies Christmas Dinner at church last night, and she missed that too.  Tonight is her first youth Christmas Party, which she will also miss.

A crummy time of the year to be sick!

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