and kids

and kids

Friday, December 28, 2012

100 Monkeys and a Banana

That is the title of the puzzle Capps got for Christmas.  He loves puzzles and does 100-200 piece puzzles ALL THE TIME.  For Christmas, I found one that was all monkeys (very appropriate) and it was 750 pieces.  
Tonight we finally broke it out and started putting the border together.
 Daddy loves puzzles almost as much as Capps.
 And I enjoyed playing with my camera.
Right up until Mac threw up all over the den - somehow he hit the recliner, the couch, the computer chair and a huge portion of the carpet.  And then he threw up again, just sitting there, no need to try to make it to the bathroom.  (My father would say this is payback for all the times I didn't make it to the bathroom)

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