and kids

and kids

Thursday, August 15, 2013

First Day of School 2013-2014

Yes, those are my Christmas lights still on the rail - get over it!  Actually, Jason likes to say those are (right now) our Labor Day Lights!
 The crew!!!!
Mollee - 7th grade, Tavis - 6th grade, Daegan -4th grade, Capps - 3rd grade, Mac - 1st grade
 And these two shots will probably be some of my favorites forever (Grandma, maybe you need them for your window sill?)

My Jr Highers:
 And my Elementary kids!
At dinner tonight I asked the kids their favorite part of the day -

Mollee - seeing her friends, it was "soooo fun"!!!

Tavis - Science was really fun, he is really going to like Ms. Flores.

Daegan - (he actually had a bad headache and not a very good day)

Capps - He liked getting to draw while Ms. Gordon read "The Indian in the cupboard"

Mac - He like getting to play on the playground and Malachi (cousin that started kindergarten) getting to meet his best friend Clark (who is not in his class this year)

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