and kids

and kids

Friday, August 9, 2013

Stretched Too Thin

I wanted to title this, "Mom Fail", but didn't want to be too doom-and-gloom.  I have always respected Mom's that work outside of the home and manage well, but my respect is growing by leaps and bounds.  Especially those that do it as a single mom.  No idea how that works?

I love my job.  I love that I get to work from home.  Without my job we would not be able to afford private, Christian school - which is what we have a heart for.  Without my job, I would be homeschooling.  And I don't have a heart for that right now.

But, somewhere along the way, things have gotten hectic.  Maybe it is because the guys I work for have sold and closed 65 house already this year.  Do you know how amazing that is?  They are incredible at what they do, and I like to believe, that I help make that possible because they can sell, hand the paperwork off to me, and then I keep it going while they work with the next client.

Remember my recent post about forgetting the birthday party?

Remember my recent post about not getting school supplies until the last minute?

These things are not the typical me.  I promise.  I am usually organized and timely.  I keep telling myself when the kids are in school and I can concentrate on work while they are gone, I will be more "available" to keep everything else organized....

So, yesterday, I realized that Mollee didn't have a current physical on record at the school in order to play soccer.  We went out to the dr at 4:15 yesterday in order to get our physical.  While at the dr I realized I did not have the right school form and would have to bring it back the next day for dr signatures.

In my mind, soccer tryouts were today.  I thought it was weird they were only one day, but I just went with it.  Apparently, as we found out at Locker Day, soccer tryouts have been all week, cuts were made yesterday, and the first practice was today.  Mollee is out....because I messed up.  And I had to break the news to her at school when she was supposed be excited about Locker Day.

The coach was sweet and encouraging.  And bummed, because he was really looking forward to Mollee playing for him again this year.  But, she is going to have to wait for 8th grade to keep going on her soccer career.

She is probably handling it better than me...

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  1. Oh, Gretchen! I am SO sorry!! I'm glad she's handling it well, hope you can too soon!!!


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