and kids

and kids

Friday, August 2, 2013

Go Braves!!

Tuesday I was called and offered some tickets to the Braves baseball game on Thursday.  It was a 7:00 game, which would mean leaving work early and then getting home very, very late.  There were four tickets, so we wanted to find another couple to go with us.  

I called around to see if I could find different places for the kids to spend the night.  And we needed to find someone to go with us.  All the details came together and the Armao's were gonna go with us! (Heidie had never been to a game before).

Our tickets were awesome, and they came with food credit.  And we had VIP parking.
We got to the game about an hour early and as soon as we found our seats - it started to pour rain - see this dark cloud?
We got up and ate and then the game was delayed a little, but the skies cleared!
I love these guys!
Our seats were incredible - so, so fun!!
2-run home run!
I love to go to baseball games, but mostly for the atmosphere and the food.  This was actually a great game with lots of activity.
And cotton candy!!!
This is our Chloe-style picture!
We got home just after midnight, so it wasn't too bad - although it was hard to get up in the morning.

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