and kids

and kids

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The riding lawn mower

I was going to post about me today.  I like to cut the grass, but my allergies have never been appreciative of that task.  About three years ago we got a riding lawn mower and our push mower died.  I have not cut the grass since.

I love driving a manual car, so Jason is baffled why I have not been willing to use the riding lawn mower.  Granted, the first hand-me-down riding mower we got you had to jump from the car to get it started - definitely not for me.  The most recent hand-me-down riding mower we got is much easier to run.

Jason doesn't typically work on Saturdays, but he was doing a side job today.  And it has rained a lot.  And our grass has not been cut in awhile.  And I think the neighbors were beginning to talk.
So, I decided to go for it!  And it went fine.  I told Jason I hoped no neighbors were you-tubing me and laughing at the lady across the street with a lot of kids that drove the lawn mower at speed 1.  But, actually, I did make it up to speed 4 (out of 6).

I didn't do the edges or around the tree because I didn't feel like fighting the roots of the tree or fighting the curb and being the cause of a bent mower blade.  When Jason got home, he was going to do the "detail" work, but instead, on a whim, he let Tavis take over.  

And he did great!

He did have a few issues with the fact that he barely weighed enough to hold the seat down for the engine to stay on (if you lift off the seat, the engine cuts off).
Entering a new era....

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