and kids

and kids

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Last Night of Summer!

We typically spend our last "hurrah" of the Summer at Chuck E Cheese.  I don't know how that started, but it did.  And I love it!  I vowed last year we wouldn't eat there again - it isn't that great and REALLY expensive, but we would go and play games.  There are always great coupons in the Sunday paper.

Well, in my state of procrastination, we had to update some vaccines today.  I got up two hours earlier than normal and got my paperwork caught up, worked on some laundry (since no one ever has clean underwear) and we headed to the health department at 9:30.  Why the health department when we have an awesome pediatrician?  Because our insurance thinks it is wise not to cover vaccines after the age of 6?  Which makes total sense, because those things that keep you healthy aren't worth covering.

I could vent for awhile here, but we are discussing the end of Summer, not health care reform.

So, we signed in at 9:45.  At noon, we still were not called back.  At 1:00, still not called back.  Finally called back and the lady was very confused why we were there - she had just prepared shot records for me and said that would be $15, even though I brought in the shot records??  When I finally convinced her we needed shots - which she argued for a few minutes since the state I live in does not require these shots, but the state my children go to school in does require these shots.  ARGH!

It took her forever to get our data entered into the computer.  I think she was doing in spite of the fact that I was slightly agitated and nasty to her after the 3 1/2 hour mark hit.  After all the data was filled in, she sent us to waiting room #3 to wait to see the nurse.

The kids were good sports, but they were starving.  I have two that have boycotted breakfast this Summer and it was after 2:00 and they had not eaten yet.  But, among three kids, we got 8 shots.  Our nurse was great and we were out of there!

As a mom, no matter how excited you are about something, you hold back information from children so they are not disappointed if it doesn't happen.  For example, if it looks like rain and you might go to the pool, you just don't mention until the time comes.  Then, if it rains, no one is disappointed but yourself.

So, I had not mentioned Chuck E Cheese and I had been away from my office too long.  I had to get caught up.  By the time I caught up, it was almost 5:00.  I didn't want to travel to the other side of town to play games, plus it was nearing dinnertime.  Have you seen the funny ecard on Pintrest that says "Why do they expect dinner, every.single.night"?  One of my favs.

I thought I'd check my personal e-mail before I stood up and a Kids Eat Free coupon popped up for tonight only!!!  Whoo Hoo!!  So, our End-of-the-Summer "hurrah" got to be Chilis this time.

At dinner, I asked the kids what they were excited about for school and what they were not looking forward to.  Here is what I got:

Mac - Excited to learn to read, and to see friends.  Not excited about nothing - that boy has been ready for school since it let out in May.

Capps - Excited to see friends and to have Mrs. Gordon.  Not excited.....

Daegan - Excited for computer class, the library, reading, Discovery Room, etc.  Not excited about homework.

Tavis - Excited to see friends and use his iPad.  Not excited about math.  And must I say, this boy is extremely nervous.  He is so much like me that he just ties his stomach up in knots when new things are coming.  He is entering Jr. High - the year of lockers, iPads, switching classes 7 times a day, and lots of homework. 

Mollee - Excited about science class and friends.  Not excited about PE.

I'll have to double check that I wrote this correctly, but I specifically remember that Daegan had a long list of academic excitement and everyone else was excited about friends.  Hmmm.

Tomorrow will not be my first day at home, working, without kids.  This will be my second year of it, but it doesn't mean I have to like it.  There are benefits and loneliness that goes along with it.  But this year I have Omar to keep me company, right?

And tomorrow, Wednesday, I only work half-a-day.  And Jason isn't working.  So, for the first time in almost 13 years, we will be home together, neither working (in the afternoon) and no kids.  What to do, what to do?!

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