and kids

and kids

Thursday, August 8, 2013

School Supply Delay

So, I waited until the last minute.  This working-mom thing is something to learn, and right now I am hanging on by a thread.  I keep telling myself when the kids are in school, it will get better.  

Thankfully, Mimi took the older two shopping for some supplies and for clothes.  That was a huge help because I don't clothing shop well with them.  And, when I took the younger three, I could just take them and didn't have to bother with the older ones.

Tonight we had to label everything - you know, about 15 hours before it needed to be done.  This might be normal for some of you, but this is way out of my comfort zone.  But we labeled, 
and labeled,
 and checked off the lists, 
 and labeled
 and checked to see what we were missing.
For the elementary kids I labeled 96 crayons, 40 markers, 30 colored pencils, 3 pairs of scissors, 9 glue sticks, about 20 folders and notebooks and a bunch of other stuff.  

Not sure how well Tavis is going to keep everything together - but he got a zippered binder for most of his stuff.  And a few 1-inch binders for subjects that specifically asked for it.
 And, Mollee was patient to be last - but she basically did all of her labeling herself.
(look at her cute notebooks...)

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