and kids

and kids

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Labor Day Saturday

I don't remember celebrating Labor Day too much, but I do remember it helps start the football season, which I am always excited about.  We spent today at my brother's house and my cousins, Harry and Ashley and kiddos, also came down for the cookout.

Of course, lots of football watching - and kids, ALL AROUND!
This was Lilly's first family gathering, which can be very overwhelming, but she seemed to do great!
 Philip had to give mom a lesson on how her computer syncs with her new iPhone (this should be interesting).
And, of course, cornhole was played.
Poor Gary, his first American cornhole experience and he got partnered with me.  (I feel certain Harry is laughing at me in this picture)
 Good to have these guys around:
And good to meet this new little one of Harry and Ashley's:
This is when I know we have socialized too long, and it is time to go.  

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