and kids

and kids

Friday, July 4, 2014

Fourth of July 2014

This year we celebrated the Fourth with family.  That actually doesn't happen that often.  We were all invited up to David's house for dinner and fireworks.  Everyone was able to go except for the Harris clan since they are out of town.

A few shots from the evening:

Emma and Gretchen
 The big girl cousins
 Hanging out on the best front porch ever
 Lilly - showing attitude!  (or just cuteness?)
 The grandmothers watching the chaos
 Peter cheating at corn hole :)  This was Peter's first Caines family gathering.  It was at his home, so he seemed ok.  It can be an overwhelming bunch - today with 14 adults and 18 kids, but he seemed to have a great time!
 The trampoline.  And I didn't even make it back to the playhouse to take a picture.
 Lots and lots of cornhole was played!!!
 Swinging with Peter!
 The JR Caines clan relaxin'
 Papa and a younger crew
 Everything waiting for ice cream sandwiches
 More cornhole...
 And the Daddies bringing out the fireworks - Uncle David style.  It was all great!  Unfortunately, before it got dark, as David was testing some of the smaller fireworks, a spark hit the grand finale and it went off at the beginning before it even got dark.  But, all was good.  The kids had a blast!!!
 Girlies waiting for the show
 The Africans (I guess eventually that title will get old)  - Peter was guarded from the noise
 Somehwere along here something got lit incorrectly?
 JR - rubbing his hear, weird??
 Me and the hubs
 And the show begins!!!
 The group shot we took and bribed the kids if they just came and did this we'd hand out ice cream sandwiches:
 And one goofy one:
After most everyone had left and we were cleaning up and sitting to socialize a few minutes, the kids came running in to say the fireworks were on fire.  Thinking they were over re-acting, we slowly checked on it, but really, there was quite a blaze in the front yard, that we took buckets of water out to.  Ten minutes later, everyone came running in saying Eleanor had broken her arm.  Apparently, she was doing a cartwheel and landed funny and was in a lot of pain.  Not knowing the severity of it, they headed to the ER and we all headed out the door.  (text from Mary was that nothing broken, just a bad sprain and will need a splint for a few weeks)

It was a great night.  Incredible cousin memories were made!!!  I loved it all!  Thanks David and Mary for hosting our chaos!

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