and kids

and kids

Friday, July 18, 2014

Vacation Beach Time

A Photo Dump of Beach Pictures

Jason at the beach....reading
 Oh, wait - Jason in the water too!  With Mollee and Tavis 
 I love watching Mac enjoy water, he has always loved anything to do with swimming even though he is not a great swimmer! 
 Tavis helping Capps go a little deeper (a sweet gesture) 
This was a day I braved the beach by myself.  Jason was burned and didn't want to go and other families were not here yet.  I took kids and there was barely any room on the beach to sit.  I proceeded to try to get a picture anyway.  
 Pink sailboat in the background!!! 
Here are some jellyfish babies we caught the first day, each day afterwards we watched as these got bigger and bigger in the ocean (purple flag every day)
Then the cousins came and we could use the Beach Club, which made going to the beach much easier.
 Tavis and Thomas - inseparable (and, technically, they have the same name)
 Mommies and Teenagers
 These four were always trying to dig a hole - EVERYDAY!
 I could sit on the beach all day, but Jason begged me to come home in the afternoons :)
 I think Abby is gonna be taller than me?
 The girls!  (trying to convince Lilly that sand was ok)
 And then Grandma had an hour at the beach - WHOA!  That is huge!
 And Jason made it back again too! 
 Can you say cute?
 And one family photo on the beach

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