and kids

and kids

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Vacation at The Back Porch

It is a Brown tradition to visit the The Back Porch any time you are in Destin, FL.  Jason says he has been going there since he was a toddler.  I have no complaints because I love the atmosphere of a huge porch with a great breeze, sitting right on the beach, plus the food is great.  And the kids plates are frisbees that they get to keep, so that is VERY exciting!

Side Story: As we were getting dressed up, Capps was a little frustrated with Mommy needing "fancy".  He couldn't understand why we had to look good just to eat on the back porch.  :)

We are on a trip that coincided with some other family members trips to the beach also.  Basically, we announced what day we were going to The Back Porch and said whomever wanted to go with us could join us but we were signing in at 5:00 - be there, don't be late!
And everyone showed up - table for 18!

And, my one big request of the whole trip, all the kids had to look nice.  And we had to have a window seat.  And we would wait for it.  Everyone was good about time and we only waited about 30 minutes and we got two 9-person tables, in a window.  It was perfect!  And we had two different servers, which seemed odd at first, but I think it helped not to seem too overwhelming. 
 After dinner, since I had Sarah on my side, we went down to the beach at sunset for photos.
 My A-W-E-S-O-M-E husband
 Trying to get a new picture with Sarah without the windblown look was hard to do.
 And this is what happens when Jason gets the camera.
It was the perfect evening!!!

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