and kids

and kids

Monday, July 7, 2014

Capps hits double digits

And just like that my Monkey is 10.  I now have stair steps in double digits - 10, 11, 12, 13 (and Mac is 7).
The 1-0 birthday is the only one we let the kids have a party for.  I treated a bunch of Mollee's friends to a fancy lunch.  I took Tavis' buddies to a science museum.  Daegan had a wild party at our house full of chaos and video games.  And Capps.  "What do you want to do Capps?"

"Can we just get Krispy Kreme and have Goodwin spend the night?"

"This is your chance to do something big - anything else?"

"Hmmmm.  Nope, that is all"

Actually, he did want to go play in the steps at he aquarium too but because of weather and timing of leaving for vacation, we had to postpone.  So, we had a low key party with Goodwin and Krispy Kreme.
 I think they had fun (and as you can see, Mac was back to ninja mode)
 And I am out of the loop a little, but thanks to Daegan, he told me Tenkai Knights, apparently - that was the right gift
 Happy Birthday Capps!

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