and kids

and kids

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Vacation Games

We enjoy games as a family.  And, on vacation, we have plenty of time for games.

 Capps won (even though we never know if he is paying attention or even marking his sheet)
 Jason and Papa decided to teach the boys to play Risk 
 The game took three days.  And now I am married to the "Conquer of the World", and he won't let me forget it. 
 Mollee enjoying puzzles (500 pieces)
 Grandma's game is working on her scrapbook 
 Daegan always enjoys the opportunity to play a game of chess with Uncle Philip, who patiently explains the reason for each move he makes and asks Daegan the reason for each move he makes.
And, of course, lots of iPad and Xbox playing (Jason told me I couldn't complain about media time during vacation *sigh*)
 Just thankful no Monopoly has been involved.

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