and kids

and kids

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Vacation before Vacation

We have not had a vacation in four years (except for a our few days in Gatlinburg last Spring Break - which was awesome, but I still worked while I was there).  So, when I say we have never had a vacation, I mean THE BEACH!  One reason, honestly, we haven't taken a true vacation is because we are both self-employed and if you don't work, you don't get paid!

Growing up, our vacations were driving up to Pennsylvania for a week to see family and then to Myrtle Beach for a week to see family.  Which was great, the beach was involved, family was involved and no work for Dad was involved (as viewed from a child?), but it was not until I joined the Brown family did I understand the true meaning of vacation.  The first vacation I went on with them was when Jason and I were engaged, so I was just so happy to be with him, but I couldn't believe they sat around and did nothing.  All. Week. Long.

But I learned.  And I got good at it.  And, you know what?  Now that I am working full time.  I love it even more!

So, we were given the opportunity to go to the beach this Summer.  My brother, Philip, and his family were going to go to Destin and we've gone the same week as them before and we work well together (before Sarah and Jason came along, Philip and I were best friends).  Our kids are the same age, they go to Destin multiple times a year, so they know the ropes of what to do.  But we don't stay in the same house, so that we have our own space - Jason needs that.  And they understand us and don't get their feelings hurt if we say we need 24 hours "off", see you day after next.

So, our gift from God vacation, was talking my parents into taking their trip this year the week we wanted to go and taking us with them. :)  They have friends that have a beach house in Destin and they get to us it each Summer, but they were not sure they were going to go this Summer.  We convinced them otherwise.

Thus enters the vacation before vacation.  The week before we were supposed to go, we found out the people using the house before us decided not to go, so we could go a whole week early if we wanted to.  Of course, Jason needed to work and I needed to work, but we were gonna go early, even if it killed us!

Jason worked three long hard days and I worked the weekend before to get all my files caught up and then worked like crazy to clean and pack and grocery shop (trying to save money).  We checked with Sam to see if he could come a few days early to live with Omar.  Plus, my office is portable, so I asked my boss if he was ok with me working from Florida Thursday and Friday if we drove down Wednesday night, and he was fine with that.  That would give us four extra days!  Papa and Grandma drove down Friday night and then the rest of the crew is getting to the other house Sunday night.

So far, it has been awesome!  Some fairly hard, nasty lightning/rain storms each day, but great, incredible hours at the beach each day with great fun in the waves.  Jason is not really a fan of the beach.  He really prefers to sit on the screened-in porch and smoke his pipe and read a book the entire vacation, but he has ventured down with us twice.  I took the kids by myself yesterday and it was easy, they are at such a good age right now.  I, personally, if I didn't have to think about kids or reapplying sunscreen or lunchtime, could head to the beach each morning at 9 AM and stay until sunset.  I love to just sit there and watch people and listen the waves and feel the breeze.

Yep, vacation to me is THE BEACH!

Here are some shots from "Vacation before Vacation"

 My unafraid Mac played and played and fought the under tow and went out further and further each time.  No fear when it comes to water, which is scary for a mediocre swimmer.
 Capps not so daring - here is Tavis trying to "take him out" to deeper waters
And Mom trying to embarrass the kids, on an extremely crowded beach (so I couldn't set them up perfectly or be particular about smiles), but I did it anyway.
 And then the water came up....
I am always amazed how some kids can just dig and get completely sandy and not care at all.  Totally not me, but glad I've got kids that don't share my OCDness in that aspect.
As we venture into Sunday, we should be traveling today and vacation begin tonight.  And it has already been awesome.  Thank you Lord for this time of rest.  May this next week refresh us.

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