and kids

and kids

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Frosting, Icing or topping?

I never understood the difference, but who really cares if it is homemade, right?  Growing up, Grandma J and/or my Mom always had extra to put on graham crackers.  Tonight, I made sure I had extra so the kids could dip in some animal crackers.  Sooo yummy!  
Honestly, I am not a cake person, so the animal crackers and homemade frosting is a bigger treat than the cake will be tomorrow.

All of this is in preparation for Capps' birthday.  And I know that I was supposed to decorate a cake for him, and I have searched and had a few ideas for him (on THE day he wants pizza and Krispy Kreme) but when I asked him about it, he said he wanted chocolate cake with really yummy chocolate icing.  I immediately knew what recipe I'd use.  When I let him lick the spoon, he gave me a compliment that can beat no other, he said, "I think this is going to be almost as good as if Mrs. Schreiner made it."  :)

So, no fancy cake that will take two hours to decorate, but I have no hand mixer, so this icing did take awhile to mix up.  And I will still do something fancy on the cake.  As I sit here at 10 PM, still trying to decide that will be....

(and if you need a really good chocolate frosting recipe, let me know)

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