and kids

and kids

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Monkey Turns 8!

For us, with our birthday celebration schedule, a Saturday birthday is perfect!

Capps went shopping with Mimi Friday afternoon
 Then we had Pops and Mimi and Uncle Daniel and Aunt Heather over for pizza and D&H brought Cookie Cake!
 And Aunt Heather got in trouble for taking personal orders of what piece each child wanted.
 On Saturday, we celebrated - on the day!  (these doughnuts might have come from a local gas station because of poor planning on mommies part?)
 Lots of Lego Ninjagos this birthday!
 And a Paul Frank Monkey Pillow for the Monkey!
 In our house, we have celebrated 43 kid birthdays and I've tried to get a picture with birthday kid each time.
 Birthday Brownies No Chunks (meaning, Grandma don't put Chocolate Chips in the batter).  Aunt Heather (Brown), we used your left over candles....
 and they took forever to light!
 Birthday with Cousins!
Now we are back to stair step ages: 11, 10, 9, 8 and, well, 5!

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