and kids

and kids

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Blue Hair for a day!

Mollee has been bugging me for blue highlights for awhile.  Of course, this isn't something you can do while school is in session.  I figured, what the heck - lets go for it!

We bought the blue dye this morning and tried our best.  
This was a good "live and learn" in the world of beauty products for Mollee.  I informed her this won't be the last time something doesn't exactly work out.  I know how to dye my hair.  I can even highlight my own hair and make it look pretty good.
We bought it at the beauty supply store and the lady said even though it says only 20 minutes, we should leave it on for 45.  We left it on for an hour and it still washed out way to much when we rinsed.
After looking online (after the fact) some of the "help" sites said to leave it in for 3 hours.  Most suggested bleaching the chunks of hair first and then dyeing blue.

Live and Learn!

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