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and kids

Friday, July 13, 2012

On the book shelf...

Summer reading has proven not to be a chore this Summer, sorta?

At the end of school last year, we found out the sad news that our school was not going to participate in AR - the reading program that tested the kids comprehension of books they've read.  Then they earned points towards each book.  This makes me so sad because it has been a huge help for the teachers and for myself to make sure the kids are reading on the proper level.

But, I'm trying to have a positive attitude in front of the kids.

To ensure that positive attitude, I did find out that the school still has access to the tests, they just aren't going to give awards and certificates for AR points.  Therefore, we are having our own family awards and certificates. 

So, the kids (mainly Daegan) have been reading up a storm. 

Capps got a bunch of Lego Ninjago books for his birthday and has been enjoying those, but he is also reading thru all the Magic Tree House books that he didn't read last year. 

Tavis has flip-flopped around through a few books (abridge version of Moby Dick and abridge version of Sleepy Hollow - thanks Dana!).  Last week I handed him Eragon.  It is a story about a boy and his dragon that Jason and I read together a few years ago and I really enjoyed it.  Tavis felt that it might be too long, but I begged him to give it a try and now he can't put it down.  There are three other books in the series and I'm anxious to know if he decides to read the others.

Daegan is reading thru the Harry Potter series.  He loves it and he just picked it up a week and half ago and is already on Book 4.  Unfortunately, we went to the school library yesterday for him to take his tests and the school has those tests blocked.  *hmpf*  Again, trying to stay positive in front of the kids.  I think this is ridiculous to block Harry Potter and not the hundred other books about wizards (eg. Eragon), but I'm not here to start that discussion. 

Last year, Daegan was only required to get 40 points for the year and he got almost 250.  I told him if he got to 300 points this year, there would be a cash reward for him.  He got 100% (which gives you all the points available for a book) on most of his tests last year.  I assume he'd get 100% on the Harry Potter books, so I told him I'd still give him credit for the series.  We just checked all the points available for those books and the series totals 183 points - so he is certain he will make it to 300....

Mollee has been reading thru the Percy Jackson series, which I love.  She hasn't been able to put them down, which isn't necessarily normal for her.  We had a hard time locating the 6th grade reading list and she has three books required to read - the other grades are only "suggested titles".  So, she has had to put Percy Jackson on hold to make sure she gets her required reading completed.

To add to the Summer reading, Jason is reading thru an eternal series that Chris Gregory gave him.  It is the Wheel of Time series and I think there are about 17 books, all about 800-1000 pages.  So, that is keeping him busy.

I am trying to read One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp.  Reba gave it to me, knowing I needed it.  It has been wonderful and I will blog more about the impact it has had on  me later - but I will say, for my learning-disorderness, it has been really hard to read.  It doesn't flow very easily, but I am going to finish it and I am working on my own list.  And I am excited to share more about this later.

What are you reading?  Or, what are your kids reading this Summer?


  1. I just finished the Percy Jackson series myself! Chase read them all in the past year, and he talked about them so much, I decided I would read the first one to see if it was all that, and I ended up reading the entire series!

  2. authors to check out - John Flanagan, Trenton Lee Stewart, Margaret Peterson Haddix (her Missing series). Riordan has two other series also, one set after Percy Jackson and the other based on Egyptian mythology.


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