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and kids

Friday, July 6, 2012

A Heels Deal

Of course, I love a good deal - who doesn't?  

A few weeks ago I went to Kohl's with a 30% off coupon (love those) and got a lot of much needed items and I ended up with $20 Kohl's Cash.

I hate Kohl's Cash because you have to remember to go back and spend it.  Usually, mine expires.  *ugh*

I was determined to use it this time.  When I left the house, Jase said - "Get something for you, that you'd never usually buy".  So, of course, I went straight for the shoes.

This time I had 15% off and my $20 Kohl's Cash.  I've looked at both of these pairs of shoes before, but they were $80 a pair.  Today one was marked down to $7.49 and one was marked down to $14.99 - so I got them for free.

Vera Wang, Baby!  Aren't they beautiful?

Now, I just need my foot to completely heal so I can wear them....

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  1. they are beautiful! but you might re-break your foot if you wear them so be careful!!!!!!! lol


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