and kids

and kids

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Soccer Camp for Moo!

We have not allowed the kids to do sports yet.  We have five kids and very limited "extra" money and, honestly, Jason and I are both very selfish with our family time.  We have been critized for this decision from some, with the comment they won't be as advanced as the other players, but we do not regret it. 

The house rule is you can play when you get to 6th grade.  Mollee has decided to try soccer (a silent yeah, she didn't pick cheerleading....).  We had to go this past weekend and buy cleats, athletic shorts and some sports shirts.

She is at Soccer Camp this week at school.  She was a little nervous, with no idea what to expect, but I think she is enjoying it.
It is hot and it is hard work, but she gets to take a gatorade (precious commodity around here).  She is exhausted afterwards and will decide at the end of the week if she wants to try out for the team.
And thus begins the extra-curricular activity, beginning with our Sunday Nights now turning to youth group activities.

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