and kids

and kids

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Meeting Andrew and Tori

As you saw in this post, we have become big supporters of Team Andrew. I used to baby sit for Andrew and his brother on a regular occasion in my high school years. I always remember them as some of my favorites - a fun, sweet set of well-mannered brothers that were a joy to babysit (it was always before their sisters came along).

Andrew got married in December and was deployed to Afghanistan in January.  I'm sure I don't have all the details exactly right so I won't tell the whole story, but he ended up losing both legs because of an IED and is still fighting many abdominal issues.

My kids have prayed fervently for Andrew and Tori, at lunch, breakfast, dinner and bedtime.  It is always amazing to hear the prayer of a child.  They can be such an example to adults as they pray for "simple" things: Pray for Andrew that he won't be too sad he lost legs, Pray for Tori as she loves Andrew, Pray that Andrew can eat Frosted Flakes again, Pray for the other soldiers and keep them safe, Thank you for America, Pray Andrew can get his robot legs soon, Pray for Tori that she can stay happy, Pray for Andrew's Doctors to have wisdom, Pray that Andrew and Tori have a good day today...
The kids have never met Andrew.  They know his Mom and Dad from church and they know his sisters, but they continue to pray for this soldier they've never met.  Andrew and Tori got to come home for the weekend, and are heading back to Walter Reed tomorrow.  After church, General Bell gave an introduction for Andrew.  He described the role of the American Soldier over the past 236 years, he thanked Andrew for his Service  and he thanked Tori for her role as a supportive wife.  Then General Bell saluted Andrew which didn't leave a dry eye in the building.  Andrew and Tori gave a brief Thank You for our support and asked everyone to keep up the prayers!

During the Sunday School hour, we were able to hug their necks - and I was so glad that the kids got to meet the two of them.
Thank You Andrew for your Service and Thank You Tori for supporting this amazing soldier!

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