and kids

and kids

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Another Summer Week in Review can only mean one thing.

Crazy Busy!!!

Summer is slipping away from me and I haven't done half the things I desired to do with the kids.  So blessed to be able to work from home, but sometimes it is hard to get away from work and then I get to 3:00 and don't want to embark on an adventure.

The kids have been patient, but I'm going to have to do a few activities next week for their sanity, for my sanity and for the sake of my blog that is suffering.

Monday was crazy busy.  I was working away on paperwork and also needed to run a few work errands, which the kids always get to endure.  My sister called and asked if I could keep her kids a few hours so she could run errands and then we'd split for lunch and then she could watch mine for a few hours for errands.  It was great so the kids were entertained with play all day and didn't have to run around with me.  Plus, I was able to get a lot of paperwork done without them in the background needing something.

Tuesday I woke up sick and stayed in bed most of the morning.  Then got some paperwork done and then headed back to bed around 6:30.  I was supposed to meet a friend for coffee and totally forgot.  Thankfully, she is a crazy, busy mom too and she also forgot - we are great for each other.

Wednesday I got in a massive clean-out mode.  I get to the point that I feel claustrophobic from "stuff".  I had high hopes for cleaning out this Summer and painting a few bedrooms and my office, but none of that has happened yet.  Maybe those things really would be better to tackle after the kids are back in school??

Thursday some of the kids had dentist appointments so we did that, ran a few errands, work and then I cooked dinner for the family before heading out to a pedicure with a friend.  I haven't had a pedicure in over a decade.  The lady that did it was absolutely hilarious and Reba and I laughed so hard for an hour, I'm not sure if it was relaxing, but it was awesome!  And we both needed the laughs!  Then we ate a very late dinner at Cracker Barrel until they practically kicked us out and/or were putting the chairs up on the tables as we were still sitting there talking.

I don't remember what I did Friday, but Friday Night I had to take Tavis to a friends house for a sleep over. 

Saturday was another wonderful day of hanging out with friends.  I love the once-every-six-to-twelve-month lunches I get when Julie is in town with Julie, Lyndsey, Tammy, and Alison.  So fun!  We missed Cayce this time!  Then I had to pick up some signs for work and then get Tavis from his friends house.

Sunday was a low-key day where we just made it to church in time (we all woke up very, very late), had a low-key dinner at Mom and Dad's (low key b/c the Harris cousins weren't there, so the chaos was low) and then home for some nothingness.

As I look back on this post, it is sorta boring news, but it is what we did.  We counted 25 days until school today, which makes me choke a little.  My baby will be going school, my girl will be going to Jr. High and we haven't bought any school supplies.

And we definitely haven't done enough fun stuff!  On to FUN MOMNESS!!!


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