and kids

and kids

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July 2012

It was a good day! 

My table was festive with fireworks runner and red/white/blue flowers.
 My flags were hung!
 I went to Wal-Mart with Mollee in the morning.  The boys played XBox, while Jason slept in.  We had a relaxing lunch, reading on the deck, naptime, and a whole bunch of other nothingness.

I bought these yummy steaks and they marinaded all afternoon.  Potatoes in the oven and a bunch of different fresh fruits on the side - strawberries, blueberries, grapes and apples.  They ended up being the best steaks we've ever grilled!
 Our regular Fourth of July party didn't happen, which the kids were sad about, but the son is getting married on Friday, so we let them off the hook.  We tried to make plans with the Armao's to go see fireworks, but everyone around here was doing Third of July fireworks???  Crazy!?

So we bought sparklers and a pre-boxed set of fireworks.  We waited until 9:00 to start sparklers, that was as long as the kids could wait.
 Mac did not get kicked off Team Andrew (but thanks for asking Uncle Paul), he just spilled on his shirt and had to change.
 Look how festive I was!

 After sparklers, we moved to the driveway to do our own fireworks.
We invited Papa and Grandma down to enjoy the "show".  FYI - these strobe light fireworks, so annoying! Favorites: June Bug, Rainbow Trout
 Jason thought it was a good idea to let the kids light the fireworks this year.  Light and Run!  (Well, everyone except Mac).  You can imagine how exciting this was, especially for Daegan.

By 10:00 we were out of fireworks and we moved to the deck to enjoy a few different shows.  Since there were no scheduled fireworks anywhere near us, I'm not sure who's we were watching, but we got to enjoy one show that was obviously professional and we had a very good view of it.

The morning after: All the burned up containers and sparklers everywhere!

It was a very good day!  Relaxing, good food, fireworks, etc.  

Jason is also taking the Fifth of July off, so it will hopefully be a refreshing time for him!

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