and kids

and kids

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Red, White and Blue!

All Summer long we have been pretty good to keep our sleep schedule "normal".  Obviously, I haven't been waking the kids at 6:45 like I would during the school year and we have had a lot of late nights, but we've also continued mostly with 8:00/8:30 bedtimes.

The Olympics has blown that for us - right before school!  I love the Olympics and I love that the kids get excited for Team USA.  Tavis is the most interested and loves to find out what is on during the day - I know this isn't a ploy to watch TV because he watches the least amount of any of us.  So far, I'd say Mollee loves the diving and gymnastics, Tavis loves the beach volleyball and water polo, Daegan loves to read (see below), Capps loves the gymnastics and Mac likes the boxing and wrestling.

Here we are tonight, watching - and Tavis doing something goofy?
 And Daegan reading in the kitchen
And please notice my "flag" hand towel on the stove - so patriotic!


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