and kids

and kids

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Add dehydration to my Dr. Mom list

So, Mollee is in Soccer Camp this week. 

She was fine at breakfast.  When I picked her up from camp, she was crying with a headache.  We have little bit of a "boy who cried wolf" problem with her drama, but she has never complained about a headache - EVER!  And she was beyond hysterical by the time we got home.   Disclaimer: she drank 32 oz of gatorade while at camp, plus sat out the last 30 minutes.  I assumed she got over heated.  I packed her head in ice and tried to give her some pain relievers.  And she threw it up immediately.

So, I called the doctor, he knows Mollee and her drama and I trust his phone diagnosis.  He asked if she had tears while she was crying - yes, that was a good sign.  He told me to give her a phenegren.  And she threw that up.  And did I mention she was hysterical.  Screaming and crying like a mad toddler, which probably wasn't helping - but I can't blame her, I know headaches and they can make you crazy, especially if you aren't used to them.  Apparently, her headache had turned into a migraine because I could not get her to stop throwing up at that point.

The doctor called me back an hour later.  After some discussion he said she needed IV fluids and some pain reliever via IV, so he sent us to the ER.

So, Jason headed home and Mollee and I headed to the hospital with her head still packed in ice. 

They did a pulse dehydration test (very handy for my future sports Mom knowledge).  She was a 25, and anything 25 or higher is a problem.  So, she was borderline.

They gave her four shots of meds and a bag of IV fluids.  She immediately got relief and by the time the IV fluids were done, she was much, much better. 

So, if this happens again sometime soon they want us to do a CT scan, but since she got relief so quickly, they think she got over heated, got a headache, it turned into a migraine and then she couldn't stop throwing up (and had been in the heat all morning), so she got dehydrated.

I know it is warped, but everytime I endure one of these incidents, I  enjoy learning just a little bit more about the medical world.  Sometimes, I really wish I had pursued to get my RN.  I always ask a lot of questions, but the nurse we had today asked me what medical field I was in.  Apparently, I had used enough terminology and asked the right questions that he thought I was a nurse or something.  Made me proud! - in a warped way!

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