and kids

and kids

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mollee's First Soccer Game

We decided to make Mollee's games a Family Fun outing.  Except tonight, we left Mac with Aunt Heather, which turned out to be a good idea.  It was hot.  There were bugs.  And it was hot - (aka. Daegan was miserable and couldn't believe I didn't leave him at the Harris' also).
Apparently, 15 minutes before the game started an e-mail went out to tell parents that the game had been moved to a different field.  We didn't get that e-mail.  And the field was not one that you'd happen to find, it was one about four miles away. 

So, we missed most of the first half.  From what we hear, Mollee did great.  She did get kicked in the knee and had to come out.  But she played hard and quick!
This is her in the left corner fighting for the ball.
She is the cute one in the middle here! 
She played mid-field today.  We did see her knock an opponent down and the ref say something to her.  She definitely plays hard.

We lost 2-1.  Both teams scored, and, unfortunately, the opposing team got a penalty kick because of a handball in the box.

Here is the pep talk afterwards - and, I think, the Saturday planning for some technique training.
First game of many to come!

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