and kids

and kids

Thursday, August 9, 2012

School Supplies For Five

I am the one that always has their Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving.  The one that picks up birthday presents throughout the year, to be prepaid.  The one that catches all the sales for school supplies so I don't break the bank trying to prepare for the First Day of School.

That is the old Gretchen.

The new Gretchen, the one with a job, other than a mom, is so different.  She can't seem to stay on top of anything, and school supply shopping is one of the many things that has slipped through.  We won't even discuss the housework, the meal planning, etc.

Mimi wanted to try to shop with us, but we couldn't seem to get together in time.  With Desk Day less than 24 hours away, I had to venture out - with all five - in the rain - to get school supplies, new sneakers (yes, I said sneakers) and a new shirt for everyone to wear the First Day of School.

Thankfully, work hasn't been too overwhelming this week.  So, I was able to get away without feeling too stressed.  We started at Academy and bought new kicks for the three big boys.  Mac had some almost-new-hand-me-downs that he seemed happy with.  Our standard is that Daegan gets new shoes in August and is usually good until the next August - so we know to buy a 1/2 size up.  Tavis and Capps usually need about three pairs of sneakers a year.  The ones that Capps has been wearing had huge holes in them and I am thankful  there has been a lot of flip-flop wear this Summer. 

After Academy we headed to Old Navy.  They were having $10 jean sale and $5 graphic tees, so I figured I could get all we needed for the boys.  My patience didn't last long (especially knowing that we still had to get school supplies), but each boy picked out a new t-shirt.  We didn't get any jeans, even though Daegan was hoping for some colored jeans, which I will get at some point.  And Mollee found some bright blue slip-on sneakers that she had to have.  Really feeling like the 80's have invaded!

We then headed to Target to get all the school supplies we still needed, which was most of them.  It was a quite a trip, but the kids survived and are still alive.  It is amazing how much money is required to have all the items needed for the list.  I won't post the price here, so I can exagerate it later when the kids are grown.

Tonight, again, last minute is soooo not my thing, we labeled everything after dinner. 

I have to admit, for the record books, it made me very stressed, but I think the stress was stemming  from sadness.  Having to write M-A-C on so many items and to have him bouncing off the walls and not really caring made me sad to "miss that moment" with him. 

Silly, I know, but when Mac heads off to school next Wednesday, it is going to be a sad day for this Momma!!!

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