and kids

and kids

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First Day of School 2012

Last night - backpacks packed
 Lunchboxes half packed

Of course, Mac was up and ready to go before my alarm went off.  (Unfortunately, his picture is a little hazing because it was earlier in the morning and the camera hadn't adjusted to be outside yet).

I got each of the boys a nice shirt and a graphic tee.  Of course, they all chose the graphic tee today - Mac's has a skateboard, Capps' has bananas, Tavis' has a drum set and Daegan's is a pizza yelling "Run For Your Slice"

Jr High - Here She Comes!  I had no idea was to expect her to wear - Mimi took her shopping and she got a lot of new clothes.  She chose this! 
 Group Shot
 Group Shot holding up what grade you were going to 
 The Line Up!

And they are off.  I'm holding up ok.  I have a big day of cleaning ahead of me to keep me busy and not sad.  It might seem crazy, but I hate a quiet house, so there might be music blaring while I clean.

Oh, yeah - and I have a job and work from home too!  That will also keep me busy today.

Can't wait until 3:00 to hear about their days!

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