and kids

and kids

Monday, August 6, 2012

Tellus with Papa and Grandma

Our membership expires on Wednesday, so I wanted to go one more time.  We invited Papa and Grandma to go with us today.

It is such a beautiful place!

Watching the pendulum. 
Realizing I never took a picture of the actual thing.

Looking at the main dinosaur - always glad to have Dad along for a similar cynical dinosaur attitude!
Earthquakes and Volcanos!
Huge piece of copper
Shark mouth pose
Papa remembering back to riding one of these (circa 1886)

They changed a lot in the Space exhibit.  No space suit to stick your face into - but you can "Walk on the Moon".
And, of course, digging for gems!

We stopped at a slow Arbys on the way home and then Papa treated the kids to ice cream!

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