and kids

and kids

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Jumped in with Two Feet!

This first full week of school has been absolutely Non-Stop.  We've had orientations, soccer practice, band parties, doctor appointments, etc.   It all confirms our reasoning for not letting the kids play sports until 6th grade - it adds so much to the family scheduling dynamic.

Our week recap (for the grandparents who want to know):

Monday, Jason took the kids to school in the morning, I cleaned the house and then worked from home.  Mom took me to Costco to stock up on lunchbox items, which was costly, but very necessary.  I picked up kids at 3:00.  Jason picked up Mollee from soccer at 5:00, which means he now gets to enjoy 5 o'clock traffic coming up the Ridge each day.  Mollee had to shower quick and then we met the Kemps for dinner.  They were taking us to O'Charleys for my birthday dinner.  So nice - no cooking, good food and great company.  Rachel brought a cake too so we were all uncomfortably full by the time we got home.  Then Mollee got to jump right into homework!

Thankfully, all 6th grade classes have Study Hall last period.  They have it set up this way so that the students can get used to the bigger homework load and try to teach them to use study hall wisely.  Also, it means all the 6th grade teachers are available at this time if the kids have any questions on an assignment.  I think it is a wonderful set up!

Tuesday, Jason took the kids and I went to work at the office to help train a new girl that is joining our team.  I ran a few errands, picked up kids at 3:00, Jason picked up Mollee at 5:00.  I fed everyone dinner and then headed back to school at 7:00 for Jr. High Orientation.  They had it scheduled where we went thru our student's schedule in 15 minute blocks to meet the teacher and learn what is expected.  I always dread these evenings because they take up my evening, but it is so helpful and it is amazing how each one of the teachers has a true love of kids and a real desire to help them learn (of course, if you are teaching Jr. High, you probably have a real love of kids).

Wednesday, I took the kids to school, went to a dental appointment (and get to look forward to more dental work next week...yeah).  Pick up at 3:00, no soccer on Wednesdays and then we went to church for the first Wednesday Night Dinner for this Semester.

Thursday, Jason took the kids, I helped train at the office again and got a huge stack of new paperwork to work on.  Pick up at 3:00, Jason picked up Mollee at 5:00, but there was a Soccer Info Meeting at 5:15, so he got to go to that.  I had dinner ready for Jase and the boys and Mollee had to shower as soon as she got home and we had to be back at school by 6:45.  She had a Band Party and I had Elementary School Orientation.  They only had three blocks to meet teachers and I had four to get to, but I think I learned what I needed to learn.  Usually, it is all repeat information, but they've changed all their programs this year, so it was very helpful and necessary.  Mollee and I got home around 8:45 and she hadn't been home since 7:30 that morning, and she still had to study for a math test.

I must say that I'm proud of Mollee.  She has put in 110% effort.  She is loving soccer, seems to be keeping up with her homework and is having a blast at school.  I know it is only the first week of school, but she seems to be using her study hall wisely, soccer is a great outlet for her because she is the type of child that needs to burn energy....often, and she is so pleasant each day when she gets home - she really is loving Jr. High!

Friday, Jason took the kids, I worked all morning on my new stack of paperwork, went by the office for a little bit in the afternoon.  Then, I had to pick up some yard signs for work.  Tavis was spending the night with a friend, so I met up with him afterschool to hand off his overnight bag and get his school things. Then, I picked up my kids and the Harris cousins and dropped the younger kids off at a birthday party for Christopher.  Jason got Mollee from soccer and then Uncle Jonny picked up from the birthday party (nice to swap rides to and from similar birthday parties).  Pizza for dinner and a major crash by Jason and I and lots of Xbox time for the boys - we have ceased all media time during the week so they made up for lost time.

We are busy, next week we won't have orientations, but we will start with Mollee's soccer games soon and I'm sure everyone's homework load will increase.  But, we aren't home much, and I cleaned Monday - and my house is still clean....that is almost unheard of!

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