and kids

and kids

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Grandpa J

Today is Grandpa J's 90 birthday!  I have many, many fond memories of Grandpa J.  Recently, he and Grandma J sold their home in Pennsylvani and moved in with Uncle Joel and Aunt Carol.  He is struggling with dementia, but when he smiles and gets that twinkle in his crystal blue eyes - and you know what I mean if you know him - it is priceless.  
Things I relate to Grandpa J: ICE CREAM, balloons, rooster crowing, silly little riddles/games (eg. money clip), ICE CREAM, world famous coasters, railroad, oatmeal, flags, and did I mention ICE CREAM?!

For his birthday Aunt Carol let him have pancakes and ice cream for breakfast, they went to the Biltomore for ice cream for lunch and they went to Chik-fil-A for ice cream for dinner.
Here is the card we made for him:
Happy Birthday, Grandpa J!!!

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