and kids

and kids

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Missed Memory

Or shall I say, I Different Memory.

There are many things that each child gets to do throughout various years at CCS.  For example, I have had the privilege of attending a Mother's Day Spa with each of my kindergarteners.

One thing for my 1st graders, and I am not sure why it is such a big deal, is to decorate a Gingerbread Man.  I think the fun and excitement comes not from a craft, we do a lot of crafts, but comes from a one-on-one craft with a child.  Something that does not happen a lot in a house with five kids.

This morning at breakfast, Mac told me he had to decorate his Gingerbread Man tonight.  We have had some fairly fancy guys "walk" out of this house.  Glitter pants, button eyes, plaid shirts, etc.  It is fun to think up things.

Today was a little crazy.  Jason was home (his third week home b/c of rain) and we rain a few errands together before picking up the kids.  We got home, the kids got a snack and I got everyone going on their homework.  Tavis had band practice and someone had to head right back to school to get him.  Jason is so good at homework help, that I opted to go back for Tavis and have Jase stay and help.  This is one trait I treasure of my husband.  He is so patient and so good at explaining hard concepts to the kids.  I on the other hand, was not born a teacher.

When I got home with Tavis, Jason and Mac were proud to show me the Gingerbread Man that they created together.  *sniff*

I really am happy for their memory of doing this project together. *sniff*sniff*  Heck, I can't have all the memories.  :)  They did a great job.

Although, I think this guy looks a lot like Daddy....

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