and kids

and kids

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Games...Games....And More Games!

We love to play games.  I love that the kids are old enough to play and it be a challenge.  Thanksgiving Break didn't disappoint in the game department.

Daegan kicked my butt in Battleship
 The boys played Monopoly - a game I refuse to play with them.
 Family game of Phase 10 - all phases, took FOREVER!!!
 Yes, Tavis lives shirtless.  And Jason is usually wearing a tobogan.
 Don't we look happy.  :)
 And Capps beat us all!!!!
 And, of course, there was Media Time.  Maybe too much?
I used to bake all the time.  In the past year, as work has gotten busier, I have found that I don't bake nearly as much.  During these few days off (I was able to turn my phone off and ignore it and not check e-mail), I baked muffins three different times, plus I made a double batch of my Chex Mix.  I also made a batch of fudge and a few other treats.
YUM!  And so fun!  Now, back to work tomorrow.

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  1. i only play monopoly with a select few. i am not competitive enough; can't handle it!


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