and kids

and kids

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Caines Christmas Chaos 2013

Sometimes, Christmas with 23 little kids running around that are high on sugar can be a little less than enjoyable.  Plus, trying to get a meal together (we have gone back and forth between a full meal, just soups and once just sandwiches).  The parents seem to go into survival mode and endure the choas, but this year was great!  The kids are older. And the schedule worked better this year.  We did gifts first, ate our meal and then everyone played.  There were many different activities and games going on throughout the afternoon.  

I hate to sound so negative about Christmas, but we were bracing for a long day, and it was, but it was also a fun, fun day!!

Here are some highlights:

Papa reading the Christmas Story
Gift Chaos - all the cousins just draw one name to give a gift to.  Papa and Grandma give a gift to everyone!

 Beautiful Girl Cousins
 The three generations of JR
 The after-gift-games
 The kids table
 Uncle David impressing the kids with his potato gun
 And a serious game of Spoons
 We missed the Harris' but we had a wonderful Christmas Eve morning.

Now onto the Browns Christmas....

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