and kids

and kids

Monday, December 2, 2013

Trimming the Tree

I love watching the kids put their ornaments on the tree and remember funny stories about different ones.  Such a sweet time!
Tavis was going the lazy route and decorating sitting down.
Mollee gets very into the decorating - and she sticks with until the end.
Going thru the box of house decorations too!
Ending the tree triming with icicles and candy canes.
Daddy watching for the side lines.
Last year, I was excited to go buy this tree at Pier One (80% off) - it holds most of Mollee's angel ornaments.
And I got this Moose last year.
It was a wonderful evening.  I love decorating for Christmas, and I love having the tree up.  I love finding the kids reading their books by the light of tree - just to be near it.

Too bad, this year, our living room is still barracaded off so Omar will not get in it and eat all my pillows.  He was not happy about missing out on the Christmas decorating.
Christmas morning will be interesting....

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