and kids

and kids

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Morning 2013

The kids are always patient for Mommy and Daddy to get moving and get coffee started.
 Mac giving Daddy a mug he made at school - so cute!

 Love all these expressions --

 A box full of Xbox games Mommy got on a really, really, really good Cyber Monday sale = happy boys!
 And then the big reveal!

The boys have been asking for BB guns for many months.  I bought some on Black Friday, but Jason has told the boys, very sternly, to stop asking for them, we can't trust them and they just aren't old enough.  I heard Tavis tell his brothers the other day that he definitely didn't get a gun for Christmas because there were no boxes the right size.

Little did he know that his parents were sneaky (and somewhat cruel).

After all presents were open, I jumped up and said I had one more to give.  It was a bag.  I handed it to Tavis and he looked in it.  It was BBs.  He was confused and thought they must be silver airsoft bullets.  Then Jason came around the corner with three guns.

I think Tavis even got teary - he was so excited.
 Happy, Happy, Happy
 Notice the bare chest finally showed up!
Then the rest of the morning consisted of play and relaxation -
Mollee trying to lace up her new Converse boots
 Daddy and boys having target practice
 Mac building Legos
 Daegan and Mollee drawing and building
And Omar got a new bone!

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