and kids

and kids

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cookies and Chili with the Bonds

Mollee and Tavis finished exams today at 10:20.  Because of all the flu germs at school - the littles didn't even go to school.  So, we baked!!

And we invited the Bonds to join us.

We decided with that many little hands around, we would do the cookies first and then decorate.  Mollee rolled and cut the cookies out.
 And then the crew came and we started to decorate!
 Which included piles and piles of sprinkles.  :)
 And then I put on a pot of chili and the Bonds stayed for dinner.
Our forever funny moment was when this stinker saw Jason discipline the dog.  When Jason got done Ethan said, "Please don't hit me".  Jason pointed at him, jokingly, and said, "If you are good, I won't have to".   Ethan gave a very innocent, cheezy grin.  :)
 A fun afternoon/evening!!!

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