and kids

and kids

Friday, December 20, 2013

Being in the Kitchen

I love to be in the kitchen.  I love it more for the baking, rather than the cooking.  Unfortunately, I love to eat what I bake too.  I really love an excuse at Christmas to bake and bake and bake, and just give everything away.

So far, we have made Chex Mix
 Multiple batches of banana muffins
 That Omar sampled....
 Mollee loves to join me in the kitchen too, which has been fun.
 Cinnamon Crack (before the cracking)
 Lots of fudge
 And my favorite, and easiest treat - that still need a name - pretzel, kiss things
 Love these!!!

I will be making Amish Bread tomorrow and more fudge, and not sure what else.....

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